Enabling Clinical Genomics in South East Asia

The GUaRDIAN project originated primarily as a research collaboration involving basic scientists and clinicians who got together to explore potential translational applications of genomic technologies. We have been motivated by the fact that currently a large number of diseases/traits have been shown to be associated with genetic variations in human.

Through a collaborative endeavor, we hope to bring together the rich expertise of clinicians and basic science researchers towards both understanding novel genetic variations and their phenotypic correlates and also potentially using this information and knowledge for translational applications.

Empowering Clinicians and Researchers through Education

In 2022, The Genomic Variant Analysis and Interpretation Course (GVACI) was participated by over 30 clinicians and researchers from the South East Asia.

The Genomic Variant Analysis and Interpretation Course provides clinicians with the knowledgebase to evaluate evidence and classify the pathogenicity of genetic variants.

Partnering in Clinical Genomics

As part of the ongoing outreach in clinical genomics, we would be happy to partner with clinicians, clinical and research centers across South East Asia to build capacity in genomics and genomic analysis with impact in clinical diagnosis and care of patients with genetic diseases.

For more details, please contact Dr. Vinod Scaria at vinods@igib.in